We will create a smartermail account for you on our mail server and provide access to the Default Administrator Account.  A single user account is setup as the 'Primary Domain Administrator' when the mail domain account is originally setup.  This 'Primary Domain Administrator' is considered the Account OWNER, and therefore you can’t remove this account or its administrator priveledges.  You also cannot change the 'Primary Domain Administrator' account. The System Administrator would have to do anything related to the Primary Domain Administator. 

We will send you the default admin login / password where you can go into your account and setup other Users, Aliases and Forwards as needed.  The first thing to determine is whether a USER email account is needed, or whether you just need to alias / forward the email address to an existing USER email account.  To determine this it is helpful to know the different types of mailbox setups which are defined below

Types of Mailbox Setups

  1. Email User Account – actual user (person) mailbox
  2. Email Aliases – an email address that will automatically be forwarded to another Email box.  NOTE: using email aliases is helpful to allow multiple email addresses to be used but forwarding to a single email account to avoid a person having to check multiple email accounts.  
  3. Catch-All Alias is a special Email Alias whereby all email addressed to the domain that does not match any email boxes or email aliases will be delivered to the specified email address.  
  4. Email Forward – automatically forwards emails to a different email address

When you are setting up USER email boxes, there are two types of Smartermail users that each have different permissions as detailed below.  

1)  Administrators - these are users who can access and administer their own mailboxes, as well as be able to manage the settings of other users and the domain mail account.  As a Domain Administrator, you can add and remove additional Domain Administrators.

2)  Users - these are individual users who can access and administer their own mailboxes