Chrome Update Breaks Layout

On July 22nd Chrome browser released version 44.x. If you're running CFWebstore version 6.44 it will appear that your layout is broken. What's happening is your relative linked external objects like css sheets, javascript, and images are not loading. The BaseRef (HTML tag) created by the SESConverter on CFWebstore is creating a non-secure URL. 

Here's what it looks like:

<base href=""/> 

Chrome is very particular about loading non-secure object on a secure (https) page. Other browsers seems to recognize local objects and allow them as opposed to those on external domains.  

We've updated the code in SESConverter to better recognize when a page is using https. The new BaseRef tag looks like this:

<base href=""/> 

To fix the problem simply download the file below (unzip the zip file) and replace the file /customtags/sesConverter.cfm.


Or, you could simply download the latest version of CFWebstore. The sesConverter was updated in version 6.50. Download the latest version.

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