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Seamless Shopping Site

NucomWebHosting sells a responsive version for an extra $600.  My question is: Does it support an Admin that necessarily must deal with HTML 5, extensive use of jQuery (dropdowns, carousels, etc.) and pretty much table-less designs using Divs and heavy CSS?

It may appear so if you take a look at their premier demo site: Seamless Shopping Site.

If so, how difficult would it be to use a template, e.g. purchased from Envato or Template Monster and apply it to the responsive version, piece by piece. For example, this template: Stylish template.

Or, in other words, using CFWebStore with many add-ons enable me to build a site like the bike site with seamless shopping pages. The responsive demo offered by NuCom with the responsive add-on shows a stylized home page, but old-style familiar looking CFWebStore shopping pages?

When I downloaded and installed CFWebStore, I expected the bike shop layout. Is that something else I need to download, or is that the $600 option?

The bike site is simply a demo. If you want all the features demonstrated on the bike site then you should contact Nucom directly by starting a support ticket - - and asking for the specific features. Some will require paid modules some will not. 

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